Case Study

Key Facts

Project: People Managers’ Conference
Sector: Energy
Client: E.ON


With a new CEO in place a few years earlier and changes on the Board in the time since, E.ON had been undergoing a shift in culture and focus.  MCS received a brief to produce an engaging, reassuring and celebratory two-day event with one joint session each morning which would break out to six mini-conferences each afternoon, with 800 delegates spanning the two days, in which the CEO and his team could present the new business strategy. 


It was clear that for this particular corporate event, the content had to be king.  We therefore urged E.ON to strip back all the razzmatazz of gimmicks and props to create a simple forum at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena where the presenters could take a seat centre stage and just talk.

The content therefore was crucial and to this end – drawing on our knowledge of their business and their brand – we held regular meetings in the run up to the conference to work with the events team.  Working very closely with them, we wanted to ensure that simplicity and honesty fed through all their content, in order to guarantee the key corporate messages were effectively conveyed to the staff.

On the day, we supported with simple yet effective sound and lighting, including just one holding slide as a backdrop which only changed when the messaging shifted, to allow the CEO and his team to engage with their managers in a way that almost felt it was on a 1-2-1 level.  We also used live cameras to track both the presenters and the audience which proved a real asset in helping to truly engage the delegates throughout.

With six teams splitting out to separate rooms for the afternoon sessions, we needed to make sure the logistics were in place and ran flawlessly.  Logistically, it was a challenge due to the number of people involved in the project.  As well as the various other agencies that E.ON use, from our team alone we had the six separate project managers with technical teams to cover the six rooms.  This covered a four day project which entailed one day to build the sets, one day’s rehearsals and two days for the actual events.

Pulling on the right people though, we provided a calm and relaxed environment where the E.ON managers could absorb the CEO’s key messages.  It was clear to see that the staff appreciated the raw honesty from the Board and great feedback was received from the delegates.


Liza Greeley, internal communications for E.ON, commented: “MCS’s perfection and professionalism was greatly valued and they helped us to deliver yet another superb event.  Not only are they are a pleasure to work with, the team’s ability to produce such a high quality event, whilst also managing our last minute changes and requests, is very much appreciated.”

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