Terms and Conditions

Please note: Our terms and conditions vary for each of our clients. The below terms and conditions are to be used as an example, we will work with our clients to tailor these specifically to individual needs and company requests.

Booking Confirmation

Upon approval of the quote supplied by MCS we will require either:
1. Provision of a Purchase Order from your business
2. Written confirmation of approval of the costs

Deposit invoice

MCS will invoice 50% of the total budget upon approval of your event which should be paid three months in advance of your event date.
Should the time between approval and event date be less than your business payment terms, MCS will require payment of the deposit invoice within 10 working days.

2nd deposit invoice

If your overall event budget requirements are increased over £10,000.00 following receipt of the 1st deposit invoice, a second 50% deposit invoice will be issued to the same terms and conditions. Anything up to £10,000.00 will be included in your post event invoice.

Outsourced supplier payment terms

MCS will cover all external supplier costs, such as venue, catering, print and guest speakers, on behalf of your business. However, MCS will require payment to reflect the supplier’s own terms and conditions. Please refer to your working document that will highlight all ‘outsourced’ costs so you are fully aware which costs do not fall under the MCS standard payment and cancellation terms.

Final invoice

Following your event, MCS will invoice the final 50% of the total event cost, plus any additional costs that were incurred and approved during this time.

Payment terms

All invoice queries should be made to Nicola Bult within five working days of receipt of the invoice.
MCS agrees to your business payment terms of 30 days.

Cancellation terms

On receipt of a PO/written confirmation for your event, MCS will implement the following cancellation policy:

  • Up to two calendar months prior to the event: (25%) MCS will refund 25% of the deposit invoice. Outsourced supplier payments will carry their own terms and conditions.
  • Up to one calendar month prior to the event: (50%)The 50% deposit payment will be non-refundable. Outsourced supplier payments will carry their own terms and conditions.
  • Up to 14 days prior to the event: (100%) The 50% deposit payment will be non-refundable. All remaining costs will be invoiced for payment. Outsourced supplier payments will carry their own terms and conditions.

Damage to equipment

MCS reserves the right to invoice for any items lost or damaged within four weeks of the event date. If a repair is deemed uneconomical the costs will reflect the replacement value. Payment is required within 14 working days of the invoice date. If this payment is not received, you will be charged a weekly hire rate thereafter.

Rebecca Muldoon (MD) and Nicola Bult (Office manager/accounts)
Tel. 0800 12 23 255
E. Nicola@mcseventpro.com