The Moment Makers

We love what we do. A bunch of friendly, professional and some may say funny individuals.

Rebecca MuldoonRebecca Muldoon

Rebecca Muldoon

Managing Director

Matthew ThurstonMatthew Thurston

Matthew Thurston

Production Manager

Kate Cooper-HolmesKate Cooper-Holmes

Kate Cooper-Holmes


Jon LaneJon Lane

Jon Lane

Senior Production Manager

David ShaplandDavid Shapland

David Shapland

Graphic Designer

David HortonDavid Horton

David Horton

Warehouse Manager

Sarah StrainSarah Strain

Sarah Strain

Senior Events Manager

Sophie ClarksonSophie Clarkson

Sophie Clarkson

Creative Marketing Manager

Nicola BultNicola Bult

Nicola Bult

Office Manager

Shannon TaylorShannon Taylor

Shannon Taylor

Events and Marketing Executive

Rebecca Gray Rebecca Gray

Rebecca Gray

Business Development Manager

Lori JewsburyLori Jewsbury

Lori Jewsbury

Events Manager