Unlocking the power of great internal comms


To remove the multi-agency mentality and encourage all branch managers to work more cohesively. Our aim, to achieve a “One Countrywide” approach - boosting consumer perception and ensuring teams are working together by sharing expertise and knowledge, all for the customer’s benefit.

Our idea

Rather than having a normal daytime conference format, we wanted a high-brow event that looked slick and professional, yet had a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. We devised a series of seven events over four days, consisting of two networking sessions per day. Our target was to capture 700 people in total from all the various branches and brands wihtin London.

We provided full project management including, a minute by minute agenda, AV, logistics, invites, registration and catering. By working with our amazing suppliers, we had the benefit of a brilliant team who were punctual, enthusiastic and amenable to accommodate any last-minute changes.

Each delegate was welcomed with Prosecco and canapés, before attending a presentation, followed by six 10 minute mini breakout sessions, each inviting Q&As on different areas of the business, before returning to the main room for a networking session.

This gave everyone the opportunity to get to know one another, share experiences and enjoy themselves! We also filmed all of this, so that the content could be relayed to those who weren’t able to attend on their company intranet.

Own That Moment.

700 delegates being in the right place at the right time – we owned it, result.


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