UK roadtrip events


To fundamentally change the format of a standard 400 delegate conference for store managers and opt for a roadshow-style event with only six weeks to go.

Our idea

To deliver three conferences spanning across the North, South and Midlands – the reason we are offering a road show styled format is to prevent store managers from unnecessary travel and to minimise time away from their teams and day-to-day business operations.

We sourced the venues and then got to grips with the logistical bits – arranging presenters, including booking a guest speaker, arranging sufficient trucking and crew, and booking accommodation for the senior management teams. We arranged Jez Rose to be the guest speaker, a highly engaging psychologist and behavioural expert that Wilko had worked with previously. He presents in an amusing way whilst delivering an important underlying message about shifting the company culture and urging the store managers (very inspiringly) to become leaders, rather than managers.

We worked with the Wilko events team to devise a well-planned, much shorter agenda for each event. Yet still fitting in Q&A sessions with the board, the conference itself, the animated and theatrical guest speaker, finishing with a brief awards presentation.

We had three dedicated teams for the series of back-to-back events, opening in Sunderland, Warwick and finally Cirencester. We alternated our teams meaning after the first event had finished there was another team waiting at the second location ready to go again! We were there every step of the way, helping with last minute changes to the video content, imagery and the slides.

It was clear to see that the delegates left the conferences on a high and were looking forward to the year ahead. Delegate feedback - "Really enjoyed the day, great sessions and length of the day was just right” and “The day was really informative and personal, I left feeling very positive" And with the final day captured on film by the MCS crew, the footage has been edited into a DVD which enables store managers to share the messaging with their own teams.

Make That Moment.

Team work was vital in ensuring the new roadshow style events worked and made the event enjoyable and informative.


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