"This has been one of the best shows I’ve been to"


Using the same, rather small event space in London as previous years but creating a new, fresh and exciting press day providing a completely unique and interactive experience for the journalist and blogger guests.

Our idea

We delved straight into our creative inspiration and provided mood boards on how we could display Wilko's products differently within each area. This included how we can build new shelving units, make new items for fun displays and create new areas to interact with guests. We designed simple yet effective Christmas tree shelves from wood and pallets and used white draping to differentiate each area, creating an elegant feel. For the children's toys we were inspired by Pinterest hanging shelves and created our very own bench rope swings to display teddies! Our graphic designer also created shelves with some of Wilko's key prints (from specific ranges) to act as backdrops, this subtle branding was consistent throughout the event –using Wilko branding from as soon as guests walked through the main event door with providing artwork stating, 'step into Christmas, this way to the Wilko press show'

We included two new interactive areas consisting of a 'make your own bauble station' and a makeup area with a beautician for journalists and bloggers to have their makeup done if they wanted too! To create the new and fresh feel we designed a giant life size light box with the events hashtag to encourage guests to share the event on social media, reaching out too many further audiences.

We also organised caterers to set up a 'cocktail party drinks station' in the kitchen area to compliment the NYE vibe that we were going for, the cocktails included Wilko's own fruity bubbles to add to prosecco. The great thing about this – we're not only displaying the products we are using and of course enjoying them!

Build That Moment.

By custom making each and every display area we provided that unique atmosphere and gained the best feedback from a Woman's Own journalist - "This has been one of the best shows I've been too."

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