Successfully merging different business cultures


Keeping 400 delegates engaged whilst presenting 150 awards (previously 40 awards!) Whilst also delivering more sales and business content and to decide on a dress code to suit differing opinions!

Our idea

To kick things off we re-capped on the previous events on the things that worked and the things that didn't with regards to employee engagement. With the new sales focus, it was very quickly agreed that the invitations could no longer extend to the employees' families as the content would be too business-orientated to keep them engaged. The next challenge was to provide an event that appealed to different cultures of sales and lettings, with one division calling for a prestigious, black-tie affair, and the other wanting a more themed, fancy dress do. Our recommendation was to reach a compromise between the two divisions, incorporating a fun theme, whilst stipulating a formal dress code.

150 awards presented quite a hurdle in terms of retaining the delegates' level of engagement. Our solution was to introduce two separate one-hour afternoon sessions to cover all the regional awards for the respective divisions, leaving just 30 national awards to present during the evening. This solution presented us with a hefty logistical task of transforming the conference room from a business presentation format to a lavish, evening party in a turnaround time of just 90 minutes. We love a challenge!

Tapping into our creativity we arranged set pieces, red carpet, star cloth, backdrops, chair covers, selfie props, lighting, a giant 'Countrywide' Hollywood sign, popcorn and decorations for a classic look and feel of a "night at the movies."

To top things off we arranged, Claudia Winkleman, to be the presenter – With Countrywide keen to have a strong, host, film critic and television personality – she certainly fit the bill!

Make That Moment.

A classic theme, a guest speaker and props most definitely engaged our lively crowd!

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