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Our client had booked The Grand Hotel at Eastbourne for their annual conference. The venue has specific time constraints for AV companies to unload their kit through a rather narrow front door, with steps! With the venue being a 5* luxury hotel, they want to avoid any disruption to their hotel guests.

Our idea

We needed to check out the hotel, the access for unloading and the conference space so had a day trip to the (on this occasion) not so sunny Eastbourne! The hotel has so much character, lovely staff and magnificent views of the seaside.

The only slightly difficult problem for us is the access, with a one-hour time constraint to load in via the main entrance to avoid any guest check in times. On the site visit we were able to negotiate this to an extended time frame, explaining we can load in professionally and discreetly. We had a truck load of staging, screens, a set backdrop and lighting, so by working closely with the venue and keeping them in the loop we established a great relationship.

Through gaining trust with the venue and by working efficiently and safely we were able to load in our kit with minimal distractions to hotel guests.

Amplify That Moment. 

We take the stress away from the client with the AV and dealing with the venue logisitics – we can involve the client as little or as much as needed. Providing a simple, yet effective set backdrop with sound and lighting within a grand setting!

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