Senior leaders conference


With CEO and board changes, E.ON had been undergoing a shift in culture and focus. Our challenge, to produce an engaging, reassuring and celebratory two-day event which would then break out into six mini-conferences for 800 delegates.

Our idea

For this particular event, it was clear that the content had to be king. We therefore urged E.ON to strip back all the razzmatazz of gimmicks and props to create a simple forum at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena where the presenters could take a seat centre stage and just talk.

The content therefore was crucial– drawing on our knowledge of their business and their brand – we held regular meetings in the run up to the conference to work with the events team. We wanted to ensure that simplicity and honesty fed through all their content, in order to guarantee the key corporate messages were effectively conveyed to the staff.

On the day, we supported with simple yet effective sound and lighting. We also used live cameras to track both the presenters and the audience which proved a real asset in helping to truly engage the delegates throughout.

With 6 afternoon sessions we needed to make sure that the logistics ran flawlessly, we had six of our project managers managing this as smooth as could be, to provide a calm and relaxed transition – to fit perfectly with the aim of the event.

Event held in December 2015

Make That Moment.

A stripped 'back to basic' style event created the exact moment for a flawless event.


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