Paralympian gets in on the couch action.


To re-engage 80 sales managers with an exciting, motivational guest speaker who will not only inspire but provide relatable content to their everyday sales roles.

Our idea

We work with so many guest speakers – the celebs that can host your awards ceremonies to Antarctic explorers who will talk you through their near-death amazing challenges. For SCS we needed someone who had a lot of passion, was funny and talked about everyday life experiences.

We know the SCS sales managers well and also know what they will and most certainly won’t like! So, we thought Richard Whitehead (MBE) would be the perfect match, having worked with Richard previously we thought his dry sense of humour would be just what SCS needed to grab the sales team’s attention!

Richard has won a Paralympic gold medal and therefore will be great at motivating and encouraging the sales team to meet their targets and increase sales! It worked. Delegates were gripped with Richards inspirational stories, his positivity shone through as he spoke about being an above the knee, double leg amputee but how this has never stopped him doing anything he wanted too – truly inspirational.

Champion That Moment.

Richard certainly did just that.

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