Goodman Metal Work

Just 9 days to create an exhibition stand!


To design, build and create an exhibition stand in 9 days. Including client meetings, completing the necessary health and safety documents, building and testing it and taking it to the NEC! Goodman Metal Works also wanted something that was better than the usual pull up banner to surprise attendees.

Our idea

Time is of the essence with this project! Our graphic designer, worked his wonders (in 2 days) with a simple design as requested, incorporating two of Goodman's professional photos into light box's. The design included a screen to display products, the company's skyline logo and symbols to indicate the variety of products. Along with a small seating area but primarily we have allowed the space for standing openly on the stand. Lastly the stand has spot lights and a raised flooring with red lighting to illuminate the stand and link with the company's branding. Goodman's were very happy with the stand design stating, "This will be the best stand that we've ever taken out!"

Once the stand is designed, the next 'to do' is to book the electrics and to build the stand with 7 days to go! We custom make each and every one of our stands and do so, in modular sections. The sections ensure the stand is transportable, create ease for the build whilst also enabling the stand to be adjusted for future use if requested.

As soon as the 3D design is approved by the client (in this case, after 3 days) we got to work in our warehouse with the build, painting, creating and testing all in 6 days. Once complete we head off to the NEC, to get building it!
Usually, having at least 3 months' notice, to create and build a stand is desirable! However, we worked to the deadline to provide what Goodman's had hoped for (and more!)

Own That Moment.

Yes, it's safe to say we owned this moment! What the client had to say...

"This was everything we could have hoped for and more! Our stand engagement increased dramatically, we felt proud of the stand and it was so much easier to talk about our products with a good-looking stand! Really looking forward to the stand heading out again."

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