The Wilson Organisation

Hands up to the family businesses!


To provide the full 'shebang' including the staging, set backdrop, sound and lighting within a very limited set up time from the venue.

Our idea

The venue was the Great Hall at Birmingham University and with them being extremely busy we had a limited set up time to prep for our event. Usually, for this specific event we would allow at least a full day set-up on the event day and if possible a half a day (the day before) to load in our kit. However, we were restricted with this one, with less than a full day to set up and limited budgets to allow for extra crew, we needed a plan of action!

Our event and technical manager worked very closely to plan a schedule of timings, to allow for crew breaks, shifts of different crew and having skilled teams with a project manager on each specific area, such as the truck unload, the lighting and sound to ensure the job was done within the short time period. This schedule worked so well, we always have a plan with a buffer but in this case, we didn’t have a buffer– but we fuelled the team with lots of lovely food (and coffee) to keep spirits high and to pull off an event that would amaze!

With an incredible team effort, we were set up in time for client rehearsals. The specific and detailed timings provided a well-planned event that met the budget for The Wilson Organisation who arrange this not for profit event – providing an event that wow-d for those Midlands family businesses!

Love That Moment.

The event space looked magical. The stage, set and lighting complimented the beautiful room setting and we loved it!

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