Nikon Metrology

Fresh & futuristic exhibition stand...


To incorporate Nikon’s large machinery and technology on to a clean and modern looking stand that doesn’t look machine heavy! To ensure delegates can interact with the stand, to increase stand footfall and to have engaging areas within the stand.

Our idea

A clean, fresh and engaging stand was exactly what was delivered! With our exhibition designer drawing 3D visuals of how we could achieve a futuristic look this gave the client the exact insight they needed to visualise the stand prior to us building it.

We designed the stand to include a video wall that could be re-used post event in their offices and screens displaying videos to encourage stand footfall. We built a golf putt area for the middle of the stand to increase interaction, encouraging people to scan their exhibitor passes before playing golf. The incentive was to win tickets to the Open golf – this incentive most certainly worked, and the golf was packed all day long!

We created a seating area for Nikon to have meetings throughout the exhibition, a raised reception desk area with sweets to giveaway and the space for a Nikon representative to be present throughout to get those important leads.

The Nikon branding was used throughout the stand and we ensured this was placed in specific areas within the most reach of people's eyelines. Large, bright light boxes captured people’s attention placing these in isle locations in order to see the stand from a far distance! Spot lights and thin pillars to hold the stand created the futuristic look.

The stand gained so much positive feedback and even featured on MACH’s showreel of the “best bits” highlights!

Build That Moment.

The stand was built with precision, care and specifically to the 3D visuals, providing a spectacular modern looking stand.

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