Fashion and design winners caught on camera


To capture winner's reactions from Wilko's design competition on camera amongst 500 people and we don't always know where the winners are going to be! The footage will be used for a post event round up film.

Our idea

To gain as much footage of the event as possible to provide an engaging and detailed film for Wilko. The film must include winners' reactions from competitions, vox pop style interviews with the winners and runners up, general footage of the event and footage of Wilko's exhibition stand and team.

In order for us to capture winners on camera we received a list of the winners on arrival, we then had to work the room to find the locations of the winners (discretely of course) so that we knew where they ‘may' be when their name was called from the tannoy. We then had the task of lingering around their stand, taking footage of other stands so that we could instantly turn the camera on to the winner as soon as their name was called!

As this was a spacious design exhibition the winners could have been anywhere but luckily, our detective work prior to the announcements meant we knew where people were!

We managed to get so much footage of people's design work/products at the event in order to produce a film that gave a sense of what the event was all about. Meaning the film could be shared post event on the company's internal website to inform others at Wilko HQ but also to be used externally to inspire others to enter the competitions in the future.

Treasure That Moment.

The faces of the winners were priceless – they now have a film to treasure that moment!

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