Ikano Bank

Big Brother bank style!


To refresh a standard 100 delegate conference (consisting of one-hour business briefings) by embracing the company's Swedish heritage and changing the way the Senior managers present.

Our idea

Swedish heritage encompasses well-established businesses, a community focus, happiness, fun and a motivated workforce. We wanted to link our activity back to this heritage by providing a completely different event but ensuring the key messages are still vital and have a serious vibe.

We didn't want to talk at the delegates we needed to involve them. This evolved into the idea to create an edited film of a Big Brother diary room, with members of staff getting in front of the camera to reveal what it's like to work at Ikano.We built our big brother styled meeting room, a white walled booth with cameras, lighting and the famed red sofa. Staff were asked to book a slot between 9:00am and 4:00pm to enter the booth and tell Big Brother all about Ikano!

We also had a cameraman and an actor to portray the Big Brother voice. Our role was to lead the content of the questions, with the actor in place to create the theatre. Filming began and each member of staff was asked funny or light-hearted questions to set them at ease, interspersed with clear corporate questions that reflected the company values and messaging.

We then started editing seven hours of footage down to a 15 minute diary montage. The completed film was played at their conference and the content of the film filled the auditorium with laughter whilst subtly reinforcing the company messaging and values. Staff were hugely entertained, enjoying their moment on the big screen, and left the event feeling gratified to be part of the Ikano team.

Sweeten That Moment.

A change in event format encompassed the event with the Swedish positive energy as requested!


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