Smart Direct

Award winning exhibition


To design, build and produce an exhibition stand for three upcoming trade fairs with less than 2 months until the first show. The stand needed to be functional, low cost and adaptable to fit the range of stand spaces. They wanted to WOW the crowd and to really stand out!

Our idea

To produce a modern stand that would be miles away from the pull up banner they had previously used! Smart Direct's branding is clean and fresh so we wanted to incorporate as much of this into the look of the stand as possible. Our graphic design team created a stand with storage, display "touch and feel" sample areas, spaces for artwork to show the variety of grass samples, seating and a screen for the company video. The client loved the designs and signed these off instantly!

The stand needed to be used at a variety of shows in a small space of time, it was important that the stand was easily transportable and re-useable but could look different at each event.

Smart Direct were delighted with the results - we had managed to design and create a bespoke stand whereby their products looked attractive but we still fulfilled the basic stand requirements, such as providing storage space.

"MCS have given our appearance at the trade shows this year a new lease of life. We have received so much positive feedback about our stand from new and existing customers as well as show organisers; we even won an award for 'Best Stand' at one trade show. It has been great working with MCS; they have been so helpful at every step of the way and have contributed some great ideas that fit with our brief. We can't thank them enough and would recommend them to anyone who wants to stand out at an event or show." - Andrew Simpson, Managing Director, Smart Direct.

Champion That Moment.

An award-winning stand – I mean we need to champion that for sure!

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