A festival theme...


A field with a tepee is a perfect setting for a festival themed conference. However, we were faced with zero signal, bumpy grounds for screens and the ever-changing British weather - the typical things that you would expect for a field!

Our idea

We were providing AV support throughout three large tepees, including project management for PowerPoint and video support, lighting and screens. We also dressed the tepees with bunting and arranged the layout of the tables and benches.

Luck was well and truly on our side with the weather, it was a beautiful sunny day which ticked one backup option (sourcing tepee wet weather sides!) off our list.

The bumpy grounds were not an issue as we had previously been on a site visit to the field to understand exactly where the tepee would be placed, to then plot where we would put the screens, avoiding any big bumps!

Whilst on the site visit we could check the phone signal and the access to the field to know prior to the event whether there could be any issues. There was zero phone signal! However, this wasn’t an issue as we pre-warned any suppliers (for power and our van drivers) to ensure they knew exactly where to go, who to meet on site and made them aware that they wouldn’t be able to make calls on the event site.

The laid back, festival themed conference was a huge success, with a great mix of indoor and outdoor networking in the sun and an intimate setting for the conference in the tepee.

Make That Moment.

The moment was made by pre planning and checking the outdoor venue thoroughly to avoid bumpy screens and unhappy suppliers not being able to contact us!

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