Where’s that off switch?

Switching off from your workload isn’t always easy. Why is it that we can’t stop thinking about work? Is it our busy lifestyles, are we just too consumed by our jobs or are we just experiencing more pressure at work?

Whatever it is, there are most certainly ways to switch off, it’s just finding out what works for you – you are actually allowed to switch off and find time for yourself! There is absolutely no need to feel guilty about having a bit of ‘you time.’ I know the feeling – you get some spare time, but you know you have a million and one other things to do, you then think maybe I should be doing that washing, ironing, that bit of work or doing something for someone else.

Well you know what – forget that! 

Taking a few moments for yourself doesn’t mean that the chores or work won’t happen (it might mean that someone else realises you’re not doing them and does them for you? Wishful thinking.) It just means that you’ll have some time for yourself and then be more productive in doing all of the other jobs. Sounds good, right?

Try to make the change and find the time for yourself. Then find ways to fit this into your everyday life… rather than only making time for yourself when you have a moment of spare time.

Why not…

  • Read a book
  • Listen to music
  • Try yoga
  • Go for a walk
  • Be away from your computer or phone – or any technology in fact
  • Try a sport or hobby – but make sure it’s something you don’t find completely awful!
  • Put things into perspective – how important is whatever you’re working on? Can it wait?
  • Take a break/have time out
  • Find something you like to do and immerse yourself in it– it’s easy enough for someone to say go and do something that you enjoy – but you might need to find out what this is - Trial different things and really find out what you want to do!
  • Spend time with friends (that you actually like!)
  • Take a long breath in and focus on how you feel – as your breathing slows your blood pressure will drop and muscles will naturally relax- clever, hey!

How do we find that off switch …

Sophie – Go for a long walk with my dog or put my phone down for the evening

Helen – Go for a walk in the countryside or have a good catch up seeing friends

Becky – A walk with the husband and kids clears all of our heads for a nice evening alternatively Love Island, wine and chocolate!

Niki – I try to do my thinking on the commute home, so I don’t ‘talk’ work at home. I also find a magazine & cup of tea helps me to switch off

(Wow we really like the walks!)

So next time you really need to switch off why not give one of those points a try? Let us know how you get on!


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