That moment…

So, we’ve been a gardener, a Hawaiian prop, a box counter, a film director, a popcorn station and an exhibition whizz all in one week – can you guess what team we’re in? It’s the one and only events team at MCS Event Pro. 


 Variety within our events team is a massive understatement and that’s why we love it!

 Every day is different, full of a new challenge a new creation or even a new role to fulfil!

So, when people ask us, “what do you actually do at work?” It’s rather difficult to answer, we can tell them that we “create that moment” – maybe that’s the easiest way to talk about what we actually do! Or we could just let them think that party planning is all we do!

(We don’t actually just arrange the balloons and the cake – even though we could do if that’s all you wanted ;))

We all have those memorable moments, you might have seen a film that you absolutely loved, had the most amazing food in an unreal setting or even just been on a walk with beautiful scenery and had that relaxing moment.

We create that moment on a daily basis – producing unforgettable events with amazing catering, playing that song that will get everyone laughing, producing an interactive exhibition stand and seeing your stand buzzing with people.

We make that moment amazing by creating, interesting, unique, enjoyable or quirky events so that you can experience and live those moments to the fullest.

To see a few of the moments that we love – Check us out @mcseventpro




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