Struggling with creativity?

Being creative - can be hard! Sometimes the ideas don’t just flow and you find yourself having to think really hard on how you can be more creative and find that “out there” idea. Then the frustration may set in when you’re not in the right frame of mind to “think creative” and don’t have any ideas - we know how you’re feeling!

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But that’s where we come in. We have a team of creatives, graphic designers and warehouse guys who can not only come up with the creative ideas, we can design it and then install it for you!

Alternatively, we are also here just to help you think of those creative ideas, it could be a mood board session, us pulling ideas together from Pinterest or scheduled meetings to simply chat through your ideas and we promise you, that by working as a team the ideas tend to flow a lot easier!

We find that linking the creativity back to your event aims, brief or even your companies’ values is how we gain a streamlined creative approach – creativity doesn’t have to be a completely “out there.” It could be a small and personable idea (yet still creative) and link in to everything your company stands for.

Remember, that with creativity there is no right answer, usually people are asked to “be more creative” because people want a change or something ever so slightly different. So why not challenge the norm and aim to change perspectives? If you have that “out there” idea then put it forward, it could be exactly what people were looking for.

We find that one of the best ways to think more creatively is to be curious about everything! This is pretty much going back to basics – but try thinking why you’re doing it, why you need to be more creative and what the outcomes could be, ask questions and be imaginative – that’s how we learn and find all of the ideas!

Anyone can be creative – you might just need to learn where its hidden away or just bring us in! #mcseventpro

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