Reassurance, trust and a genuine smile!

Imagine your awards ceremony or your conference - now imagine it with the extra reassurance that your lighting, sound and PowerPoint supplier are going to get the job done exceptionally well, make changes effectively and be a polite, friendly bunch to work with. Does it make the event seem a little more stress-free? 

We know that when your tasked with running an event, such as an awards ceremony, you need the sound, lighting, video and PowerPoint to run as smoothly as possible so that you don’t have to worry about it at all. An event that runs with no glitches will then put you – the organiser – in the spot light for all of the right reasons!

We, not only provide a group of fully trained professionals who will give you the reassurance that you’re looking for. We are also a full-service event agency, so you will get all of the added extras of having a team of event professionals on site – who are there to help at all times (when we say all times, we really mean all times)!

With graphic designers, filming, creative, build teams and event management in-house we are here for your every need. If you’re struggling on the day or even weeks before - we are just a phone call away. We might be your ‘AV supplier’ but we pride ourselves on giving exceptional customer service in every area of your event. It’s important to us that your sound and lighting is a massive hit, however it’s just as important that your events running on time, your delegates are engaged, and the venue are looking after you – we ensure that your whole event is running just as smoothly as the ‘technical stuff!’

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a client testimonial…

"What can I say? Your collective efforts in the planning and execution of the Chairmans event was nothing short of spectacular. Im always left in complete amazement and how you pull it off time and time again. Im not sure that you quite understand just what you have as a team. You have trust, understanding, integrity, patience and diligence. Anybody in business would give their right arm for what you guys have. Dont ever lose it." Senior manager at Countrywide

Rehearsals, contingency plans, quick event turnarounds and just those friendly smiles that will make your presenters feel at ease are what we specialise in.

We have clients that have remained working with us for 30 years plus – that’s not because they find it easy to stick with the same supplier. That’s because we have built up a rapport with the presenters and the events teams whereby we just know what they want. It might be what microphones they like, how softly they speak, how they walk around on the stage or they might need that little confidence boost before getting on stage- and we provide all of it with a passion!

Think we might be the team for you? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we would really love to hear from you.


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