Pimp up those event snacks!

Usually, when you’re at an event, you would be out of the office ready for a day of different food at whatever venue you might be at in the world.

Your normal day of food in the office is out of the window. You might be excited for some nice snacks and a different lunch to the norm, but then your morning break arrives, and your excitement rapidly disappears as the only choice is a packaged biscuit and then lunch arrives and it’s an egg or cheese sandwich on white bread. Noooo!! This must stop!

We are passionate about our food here at MCS – you might have seen that we choose one national food day a month- and eat whatever food that might be – any excuse to eat a delicious team lunch hey!

So, we get it, we know that when you’re out of the office you either want a healthy option as you don’t want to over indulge on all the cakes and biscuits. Or, you might be the complete opposite – which is, I am out of the office and I am going all out and having as many treats as I want. With either option, wouldn’t it be nice to be surprised and intrigued by the food, after all we all know that this is one of the heavily feedback elements from an event- being event professionals who analyse the event feedback we know this for a fact!

We feel that your standard conference food needs to be pimp’d up ever so slightly! You want something that’s really tasty, that looks amazing – like it looks too good to eat or it looks like something different to what you have on a daily basis – a nice treat or surprise! We’ve worked with some incredible suppliers locally and nationally who really have pimp’d up the snacks and lunches and it really has made a big difference. Even if a venue doesn’t state what you are looking for on their menu, just ask, you might be pleasantly surprised. Venues (usually) always try to accommodate special requests and can provide bespoke menus, it’s just that they don’t always advertise it!

Here’s our top tips for pimping up your snacks and lunches…

  • Always ask the venue if they can offer an alternative menu/a twist on the current menu
  • Ask for food with vibrant colour its eye catching and fun – in summer or winter
  • Mini versions of classic meals are always a hit – mini fish ‘n’ chip cones or mini pies with gravy- we know people like big portions, but the mini options enable you to have a selection of a few!
  • Ask for the food to be displayed differently, rather than on one small table what about a mixture of tables throughout the room?
  • Logos, letters or messages on the food always attract attention and can encourage engagement for social media
  • Goody bags to take away the food doesn’t have to be a brown paper bag – see what alternatives the venue can offer
  • Link your event theme into your food – this doesn’t have to be a fancy -dress theme. It could be a brand launch and you can link food to the new colour!

Suppliers who have pimp'd up our events - Bread and Honey (London) and Olive Pot Catering and Strawberry Cupcakes (Nottingham) Shout out to you guys! 

For even more inspiration check out our Pinterest board - https://bit.ly/2tuttI3


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