Our favourite table centrepieces

Table centrepieces can really help to transform your event space, if done well. When selecting your centrepieces, make sure that you consider your surroundings. For example, floral arrangements in vintage tea cups will not work as well in a clean, minimalise space as they would in a more traditional venue. Your centrepieces should complement your venue and your event purpose. Is it an under-stated event or a more flamboyant affair? Does your event have a theme or running through it which the centrepieces should complement? You should also take into consideration sight lines and the heights of the centrepieces, after all you want your guests to be able to interact with everyone round the table.

Short centrepieces

If you want a fuller centrepiece, consider shorter centrepieces, which guests can see over the top of. Here are some examples of fabulous short centrepieces:

Simple foilage and wine corks can create an elegant, under-stated look for a rustic feel.

Teapots and cups and saucers filled with flowers create an opulent, vintage feel.

Add some personality with old fashioned books or objects which are relevant to your event.

These pretty roses create a simple, yet stunning centrepiece and can be used on long or round tables.

For long tables, simple candles or decorated runners can provide a low cost, yet effective option for creating something special.

Tall centrepieces

If you prefer something which stands out a little more for that instant wow factor when guests enter the room, then a taller centrepiece may be a better option for you. However, ensure that you select a thin centrepiece, which does not obstruct sight lines across the table. An arrangement which is oversized in height will also work well. Here are some great examples of how to do tall centrepieces well: