Getting the most out of your exhibition stand

Competing at trade shows can sometimes be difficult. There is so much taking place all at once across the show, so how do you ensure that you stand out in a busy exhibition hall? Here are some tips that will help you generate interest and attract more visitors to your stand:

1. Agree your purpose - What are your business objectives for this exhibition? What message or atmosphere do you want to get across? How can you portray your brand / product / services / vision with your stand?

2. Location - Getting the right location in the venue is vital to ensure that you are visible to visitors and in the path of natural footfall.

3. Design a stand to remember - First impressions matter and your stand is a reflection of your brand values, so it is important that you get it right. If budget allows, a custom-built stand will attract the most attention. Innovative stand design, striking aesthetics, use of different materials, technology and clever use of lighting can really set you apart. Think ahead: if you are exhibiting at several shows throughout the year, get us to build a stand which can be re-used and adapted for future shows, saving costs. A 3D visual of your stand (as shown above) will ensure that you can see what it will look like beforehand and that it reflects your brand in the way you would like it to. 

4. Let your products do the talking - If you are showcasing new products at a show, make sure that they are in a prime position where they can be seen from various angles. Make your products stand out with clever lighting, or incorporate your product into the stand, as we did with this stand we created for an Smart Direct Artificial grass, incorporating the grass product samples into the wall of the stand.

5. Add an interactive element - Create a buzz on your stand with an interactive experience - this could be technology or social media related, such as a photo booth connected to twitter of Facebook, or a virtual reality experience. Competitions and games or activities where you can win a prize can also be a fun way of attracting visitors to your stand. Recently, we incorporated a mini golf hole to one of E.ON's stands, which was a big hit! Adding some interactivity to your stand not only generates more interest in your stand for passers-by, but it also encourages visitors to share the activities on social media. 

6. Provide a relaxing space - If space allows, try to incorporate a small seating area with refreshments for visitors. This allows you to have those all-important conversations with them in a more informal and comfortable way. The chances are if they are comfortable they will stay for a little longer!

Screen Shot 2018 08 20 at 11.33.29

7. Promote your attendance - Many attendees will have planned which stands are the most important for them to visit first before they even arrive at the venue, so it is vital that you promote your attendance and stand number. Use social media, trade publications and mailing lists to inform attendees of your presence and any giveaways / offers or activities you have on your stand. Don't forget to contact your current clients as well.

8. Giveaways! - It might be one of the oldest tricks in the book, but everyone loves a freebie! Make sure that you have great, branded giveaways and a friendly team distributing them. Here is some inspiration for great branded giveaways!

Screen Shot 2018 08 20 at 11.29.43

9. Have great staff -  Exhibitions can be tiring, but it is vital that your team are as friendly and approachable for the last visitor as they are for the first. Make sure your team knows exactly what's expected of them before the exhibition starts. Do they know your objectives for the event? Do they have a rota for breaks? Do they know where the extra pile of brochures or giveaways are kept, or what their individual roles are? They should be experts in their field and be ready to answer any questions with a smile.  Experienced promotional staff work wonders for exhibitions, increasing footfall and bringing great energy to your stand!

10. Follow up - After the exhibition, make sure that you follow up straight away with any enquiries you received on the day. Contact everyone who visited your stand to say thank you and remind them of your products and services. If you don't follow up with enquires once your back in the office then the whole exhibition may be a waste of time.

Don't forget the venue musts!

  • Pre- booking electrics for your stand this is a must if you want any TV's, lighting, coffee machines, or simply want to plus in your laptop or phone!
  • Hiring furniture for your stand
  • Pre-book scanners to gain attendees information from their delegate badges
  • Most importantly complete all of the important health and safety forms, or get MCS to do that for you! Risk assessments, method statements, stand inspection forms must be completed correctly to ensure your stand is safe for all attendees

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