Engaging, exciting, event experiences!

Events with a quirky difference will always excite and engage people. Why?

Because it is something different to the norm – maybe it’s not what people were expecting which then increases delegate interest consequently making them more willing to immerse themselves in to an experience…. Resulting in the experience being unique and memorable!

How do we excite and engage at our events?

Awards – Celebrate your people, everyone loves being thanked and appreciated – why not incorporate serious and fun awards, adding prizes with these would be an added bonus.   

Branding – Let’s not underestimate the power of branding a venue with your company’s brand colours, images, logos, hashtags, videos or personality. Go for it and if budgets allow why not brand the outside, inside, carpets and even pillars within the venue.We tried it – and it worked, trust us! Engagement increased = happy teams all round!

Products – Why not, enlarge a product that’s a top seller and have it hanging from a wall? Why? You might ask. Because it’s something different and will make people stop, stare, talk and remember it! Or have the product as the venue- for instance, you’re selling shoes, we can build you a giant shoe pop up and hold the event in that! People would never forget the venue, will be excited (we promise) and will remember the event content as a result!

Theming/ fancy dress – Fancy dress might not appeal to all but why not try theming the venue and giving prop’s at the event so people have the choice to join if they want too. Fancy dress doesn’t have to be cheesy, you can make it classy- trust us!

Breakfast/lunch – Making the event revolve around the food is a great way to engage! Everyone loves a fancy breakfast or lunch. Having short events for a couple of hours with food, may be more beneficial to highlight key points and to keep people engaged.

Do something different - For an internal conference, it might be as simple as steering away from something related to your industry and doing something completely different. For Nikon Metrology we built a golf putt area for a manufacturing event which was surrounded by machinery - the golf was the eye catching 'something' that was needed!

Mix up your layout – Bored of having theatre or cabaret style but not sure what to try next? Why not try a catwalk layout, a hollow square, or even just lounge/casual styled seating.

Try a new venue – Want something a bit different to your favourite hotel? Try an outdoor venue or even a tepee, a boat, a castle - something with a slight twist. 

Entertainment – Try a band, a guest speaker or a performer with a difference. 

Food and drink – Mix it up a little and get creative with the food, ask the venue if you’d like something different, you’d be surprised how accommodating they can be!

Kidult – Now this one’s good. Why is that you give adults a bouncy castle or a ball pit and that’s the talking point of an event! Make your breakout spaces fun and have a giant ball pit, a sports day or pick ‘n’ mix sweets would do the trick! You will be amazed at how excited adults (yes adults!) are!

Activities – A quiz or scavenger hunt – Activities are great ways to engage, the options are endless- If you’re used to working in a serious environment? Why not excite with something completely different to your line of work. 

Virtual reality – Throw people out of reality! Into whatever environment you desire, there are limitless possibilities!

Engaging exciting events are the future – this excites us, and we can’t wait to bring these events to life! 


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