Don’t leave photography as an after thought!

To use photography to capture emotion, history, evolution and utter happiness in the click of a button, so accessible to the modern world, should mean that good photography is all around us.  So why do we continue to see shocking photography used to entice us to read otherwise enthralling information?

One exemption may be when it comes to specific industries, where we must allow for photographic content that may not excite the masses - so long as the picture represents the content well.  

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When it comes to people, we must remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder - that goes for emotional, intellectual and soulful beauty as well as physical. And photos we take to: freeze frame a precious family moment; capture an idol on stage at a gig; or remember a night out because tomorrow we may not.  These are all photos that we’ll see shared far and wide across social media whether we like it or not.

But, when it comes to telling a story in the events and hospitality world, photography is what sells tickets, it’s what generates press interest and it’s what makes us want to do everything we can to be at that event!  Whether you’re blogging, pitching or submitting a press release, your accompanying images will be seen first.  And if they’re no good, the energy and time you put into your writing may not even be read. There will be times when you’re discussing a topic that you may not own photography for but rather than settle for second best, that’s the moment you either: Google search your ass off; work with a fellow supplier or industry confidante; or pay for a photograph which compliments your topic.  

Already today I have FORCED myself to read two articles sent to our office that were preceded by badly sourced photography that would make the people in the photographs weep into their morning coffee. If you are going to put your time and effort into writing something meaningful, make sure that you have decent photography to support it to make it worthwhile.

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