A glimpse into the life of an Event Manager

Two weeks packed with events across the country! Travelling from Nottingham, down to the bright lights of London, to offices just off Oxford Street. Followed by an event in the outskirts of Solihull at Umberslade Farm – the complete contrast to London – an event in a tepee… variety at its best! Meanwhile back in the Midlands we have another events team managing an event on the outskirts of Nottingham at Eastwood Hall followed by an event in Newark-on-Trent at Newark Showground. It’s certainly all go @mcseventpro!

So, to the bright lights of London. An event for Countrywide, arriving the night prior to set up, ready for breakfast and afternoon tea events the following day, for a group of senior leaders. Ensuring the room is ready to be glamorised and the caterers have arrived with the necessities of chairs, tablecloths and cutlery. A great alternative if a team of senior leaders don’t have the time to escape the office. Let MCS event pro work our magic and transform a standard meeting room with dressed tables, table plans, name places and outsourced catering.
It’s an early morning start full of presentations for 50 delegates and a delicious breakfast to engage and wake up the delegates! Later in the afternoon the second group of delegates have an afternoon tea treat awaiting them! The events run very smoothly, the delegates are fully engaged throughout, the key messages are communicated and the food is a great success! After the delegates have all disappeared we break down, clear up and we’re on the train back to Nottingham with some left over afternoon tea- classy train ride back up North!

Countrywide’s next event was at their Milton Keynes HQ and they were using their on-site caterers. Knowing we weren’t helping our client on this occasion and also understanding their busy work schedules. We thought it would brighten up their week by sending an event survival kit, full with mini perfumes, chocolate, mints (the essentials) the survival kits were a great hit and the client loved them!

On to the next week, a tepee event for Carlsberg. We are providing screens throughout the tepee, a sound and PowerPoint technician along with an event manager. It’s a festival themed event, with bunting, a mixture of food stalls, hay barrels, festival music and breakout tepee spaces! On the set up day we were installing screens, decorating the tepees and rehearsing slides with the senior management team. The event day follows with a very cold frosty morning, not ideal for the delegates turning up in their shorts and t-shirts – we’re handing out our fleeces to the management team during early morning rehearsals! The tepee soon heats up with 180 delegates and the sun brightly shining down on the tent in our very large field! The event is fantastic, our client fully motivates their teams, the delegates are interactive throughout and it was a bonus that for a change, we had a beautiful sunny day for a festival in the UK!

No day is ever the same and that’s what I love about being an event manager.  
After a busy two weeks a glass of wine is needed to reflect, sit back and relax!
All in two weeks work!#mcseventpro

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